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The Cool Beads Difference

Here at Cool Beads, quality and flavor are #1. That's why each batch of ice cream is handcrafted in Colorado with hormone-free, 14% butterfat cream, giving it a rich and creamy texture. Then, only the finest ingredients, including Madagascar Vanilla, are added, resulting in a treat that will even leave the parents asking for more. With six standard flavors (Rainbow Ice, Cookie Dough, Mint Chocolate, Cookies and Cream & Banana Split) and an ever-changing specialty menu, there is sure to be a favorite for everyone. Explore our amazing flavors here:





















Besides being delicious, Cool Beads can also be conveniently sold in pre-packaged, sealed cups that include a mini-spoon. This enables us to sell Cool Beads just about anywhere. Check out our amazing vendors who carry Cool Beads and follow us on Social Media to see what at what events we will be.


If you are an ice cream-lover and are interested in selling pre-packaged Cool Beads at your business, we provide a freezer and marketing materials at no cost to you. It's a pretty sweet deal. We also have bulk/scooping options. Check it out here: 





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